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 Our Mission 

M.O.R.E Mothers is a non-profit that strives to bridge the gap for Mothers in underserved communities. We’re here to serve as a hub for resources, support & assistance for Mothers through stages of Motherhood. We do this by providing Motivation, Opportunities, Resources and Empowerment. By taking on Motherhood Together we're able to support one another and build a nurturing community


How We Can Help


- S.O.U.L Circle Monthly Support Group

- Expecting Mother Welcome Package

- Mentorship 

- Nutritional Education for Women and Children


- Referrals for Organizations Supporting Your Needs:

 Doulas Midwives

 Mental Health



 Family Court

...and more


​- Organize Your Own Support group


- Monthly Delivery of Essential Items

(for children 5 and under)

- Maternal Education and Resource Program


- Assistance with applying  for government programs:

 Cal Fresh/SNAP



PFL /Disability

...and more


-​ On-Call Supportive Communication

- Workshops:



Food Preparation

Car Seat Safety

CPR Training


- Mama Elizabeth

M.O.R.E Mothers has had a huge impact on my family, they've always been there when I have very little. It’s a different type of help they give, it’s a welcoming help that comes from their hearts and they don’t judge.


- Mama Brittany

"M.O.R.E Mothers has impacted our family in a major way! They are so helpful with finding resources. They are super friendly and never judgmental. They really make you feel like family" 


- Mama Chloe

"We cannot say how helpful M.O.R.E Mothers has been especially in a pandemic, to have someone out there looking out for us and coming to our door to help deliver these goods"

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