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We are always looking for ways to support our M.O.R.E Mothers family, if you have an idea for a support group or workshop please let us know! Email us your suggestions to:

Motherhood Together

M.O.R.E Mothers serves over 100 women and children monthly through our Motherhood Together Program. This free delivery service provides families with essential items (a variety of ); diapers, wipes, hygiene essentials, clothing, food, strollers, bottles, carseats, etc, allowing Mothers to financially support their families in other ways knowing baby's essentials are taken care of.


Maternal Education & Resource Program

Our Maternal Education and Resource Program addresses the reproductive health disparities in women of color and those from underserved communities. The goal of our 5-week intimate and educational program is to decrease maternal morbidity, improve birth outcomes and the mental health of those most at risk. We want every participant leaving feeling more confident, better prepared and equipped for motherhood.


Course Curriculum: Resources & Assistance, Healthy Living (importance of mental health, nutrition & exercise), Maternal Healthcare Options, Lactation & Baby Basics, Car Seat Safety, Sleep Safety, Infant CPR & Choking.


S.O.U.L Circle

M.O.R.E Mothers S.O.U.L Circle monthly support & group therapy sessions provide a safe space for Mothers to be vulnerable about their motherhood experiences and find a community of support, respect and understanding. No topic is off the table!



Infant CPR & Choking

Carseat Safety

Importance Of Literacy

Sleep Safety

Burn Prevention

Water Safety

Positive Parenting

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